Bel Normande

Naturally festive & non alcoholic, we celebrate life since 1911 with the finest sparkling drinks from France.

In Normandy, France, in the small town of le Theil, Bel Normande has been producing a large range of premium sparkling juices.

Our products are made with the finest ingredients and packed in a premium champagne-style bottle.

  • Delicious, Subtle and Refreshing
  • Delicate sparkling juice for every festive moment
    To be enjoyed by yourself or with others
  • Natural products: no colourings or preservatives
  • 100% produced in France

Eight delicious blends: Apple, White Grape, Red Grape, Rosé Apple, Apple & Pomegranate, Red Grape & Raspberry, White Grape & Peach, Apple Mango & Passion Fruit.




Our other festive juice brands: Rendez-Vous, Keror